En Jota


The “Jota”, is a music genre deeply rooted in the landscape of many provinces in the Iberian peninsula. Goia-Aribe surprises us one more time with his innovative proposal in contemporary and innovative style without losing the genre´s personality. This is a recording that surely will not leave anybody indifferent.

Singer Arantxa Diez has been able to take on board Josetxo´s directions in the twelve recording tracks in a masterly way. Her voice captivates the listeners because of her sweetness and great personality. Josetxo has sucessfully directed Arantxa towards his enchanting world of music with a potion composed of dedication and a sixth sense for reading between the lines of folk music.

Javier Olabarrieta on piano, Baldo Martinez and Javier Colina on double bass, have been the musicians who have succesfully represented Goia-Aribe´s imagination in this recording.

Josetxo is a determined musician and the composer of his own musical world. He is able to develop the music of a land which is especially reluctant to change its tradition. He is an alchemist who makes the most of his virtues to create beauty and elegance even from the least delicate of things.


1. La jota de mis abuelos
3:23  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña / Arantxa Diez)   (1982 KB.)
2. Palomica
3:39  (Jose Iranzo / J. Goia-Aribe)   (2139 KB.)
3. Jota París
2:25  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña / Arantxa Diez)   (1414 KB.)
4. La niña cuando va a misa
3:16  (Popular / J. Goia-Aribe)   (1913 KB.)
5. Jota Blues
2:21  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña)   (1383 KB.)
6. Las campanas del olvido
1:18  (Popular / J. Goia-Aribe)   (766 KB.)
7. Il piacere
3:07  (Aldo Romano)   (1829 KB.)
8. Y vi que estabas soñando
3:23  (Popular / J. Goia-Aribe)   (1988 KB.)
9. Jota mora
4:39  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña / Arantxa Diez)   (2728 KB.)
10. María Guadalquivir
4:03  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña / Arantxa Diez)   (2379 KB.)
11. El mundo
3:39  (Popular / J. Goia-Aribe)   (2141 KB.)
12. Corazón
3:00  (J. Goia-Aribe / Gabriel Sopeña)   (1756 KB.)

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