La Orquesta Jamalandruki


Ricardo Rebolledo Zubiarrain, "Jamalandruki" (Pamplona.1934-1988) was an illusionist, a magician who travelled every corner of Navarra with his factory of emotions and imagination. A generous, educated, elegant man, an exceptional bohemian, he captivated children and adults alike and remained in the hearts of those children who saw him at such an important stage in their lives. Except for a small mention in the local papers, he died in obscurity.
I was one of those kids. Now, as an adult, I would like to give him this present of music.
Can one remain indifferent before such people?
I will not describe this music myself, it would be a nonsense. I do not know if this music has magic, if it can achieve emotion and captivate like "Jamalandruki" did with his magic. This is just what I was able to come up with, and I would like to share it with you, aided by my friends David Herrington (trumpet), Marco Bellizzi (trombone), Luis Orduña (Tuba) and Guillermo McGill (drums and y percussion), , who, in turn, have contributed to realizing this project and to whom I am immensely grateful, for their acquaintance and for being able to play with them.


1. Urdin Txuri
2:12  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (817 KB.)
2. Moras y cristianas
1:41  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (614 KB.)
3. Anaitasuna
2:29  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (707 KB.)
4. Fandango
3:39  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (1176 KB.)
5. Jamalandruki
1:45  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (348 KB.)
6. La luna y el toro
3:42  (Carlos Castellano, Alejandro Cintas, Arreglo J. Goia-Aribe)   (1331 KB.)
7. La dolorosa
3:35  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (1082 KB.)
8. Alegria Monkiana
3:53     (473 KB.)
9. Nanai de la gutimendi
4:05  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (473 KB.)
10. Jota Vals
4:08  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (1191 KB.)
11. El torero que tenía miedo
1:50  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (629 KB.)
12. Me Miserum
2:39  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (1535 KB.)
13. Mutil Dantza
5:04  (J.Goia-Aribe)   (780 KB.)

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