This second work of the Navarran saxophonist, Josetxo Goia-Aribe which consists of a duo for cello and saxophone, does not fail to pleasantly surprise the mixed audiences who attend his concerts. And here there is an endeavor to bring together two instruments which are normally found far apart from each other.

With a repertoire of very original creation and linked to the traditional music of his region, Josetxo Goia-Aribe creates moments of splendor and intimacy, which entices the complicity of the audience.

We are faced with an apparently austere assemblage with which Josetxo Goia-Aribe manages to create moments of both great vibrancy and pure serenity, where the transformation of traditional Navarran music is patent and which changes into something novel and contemporary. The effect possesses a timeless character.

One of these places, a Romanesque Basilica, which is to be found on the Road to Santiago on the stretch that passes through Navarra, symbolizes this recording. Its name is Eunate, a historical meeting point for pilgrims and such people, with their cultures and fusions, such as might be considered this combination of the saxophone and the cello. This latter instrument played by Diego Gil Arbizu, who, along with the accompanying silence of the Church of Azcàrate, contributed so much to the recording of this disc.


1. solsticio de invierno
2:14  (J. Goia-Aribe)
2. fandango
1:27  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)   (323 KB.)
3. adagio de los gigantes
3:17  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)
4. eunate
5:10  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (469 KB.)
5. ipurdi-dantza
1:39  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)
6. m.a.u.t.
4:23  (J. Goia-Aribe)
7. aurresku
3:24  (J. Goia-Aribe)
8. otoitza
4:04  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)   (353 KB.)
9. agnus
4:45  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)
10. plenilunio y ezpata-dantza
4:30  (J. Goia-Aribe)
11. danza de las ballestas
2:51  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)
12. me miserum!
2:57  (J. Goia-Aribe)
13. agur jaunak
2:26  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)   (499 KB.)

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Record company: KARONTE
Música editada por Editorial Erviti (San Sebastián)