After having spent some 4 years in Paris, Josetxo Goia-Aribe made a recording along with three other musicians from the French musical scene, François Verly (percussion and drums), Marc Buronfosse (double bass) and Jerome Rateau (piano), which would result in his first recorded piece, with the title "Auñamendi". This name is a reference to the Pyrenees in the Basque Language and here Josetxo Goia-Aribe reveals the key and characteristics of his musical talent as shown in the later discs. That is to say, the ability to take elements from the traditional and popular music of his native region and to transpose them into his own personal creations.
Michel Portal soon praised this first work with some very apt comments which reveal the qualities of this saxophonist from Navarra : " I sincerely appreciate this work by Josetxo, who, without renouncing his own traditions, has managed to mould and shape his own contemporary present-day world which is both personal and universal."

This record takes the listener on a journey through the Navarra territory passing along different musical worlds from Carnival scenes to Pyrenean melodies and different dances such as those of the San Fermin Fiestas. All this wrapped within a wide specter of harmonies and rhythms and the presence of the element of extemporization. This latter quality is that which makes Josetxo part of the "New Musicians" and the world of Jazz. Unmistakenly - and never better expressed- to that of European Jazz..


1. saioa
4:00     (522 KB.)
2. auñamendi
0:57     (306 KB.)
3. monjardin I
4. monjardin II
5. sengariz
6. pic d´orhy
3:04     (584 KB.)
7. cañada real
8. peña unzue
3:51     (587 KB.)
9. arangoiti
10. larhun
11. calle mayor
4:45     (470 KB.)
12. tantiru-airu

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Record company: KARONTE