HERRIMIÑA (Nostalgia, home-sickness, saudade…) …) is the third solo disc of the Navarra saxophonist, Josetxo Goia-Aribe. A disc where many patterns converge: Jazz and popular music, Mediterranean and Atlantic airs, the highlands and the lowlands, the river-basin of the Ebro and the mountainy Bidasoa river, the flatlands "Jota" and the mountainy "zortziko"(dances). Here, in this work he returns to the format of his first recording, Auñamendi,with a new maturity after the experience of the cello and saxophone undertaken in his second disc, Eunate.

In HERRIMIÑA, Josetxo has been able to count on the collaboration of two excellent pianists: the Cadiz musician Chano Domìnguez and the Basque Iñaki Salvador. Two more paths which find their point of convergence in this work.

And while we are now used to finding the blending of jazz with flamenco or with Latin and Caribbean, the aspiration of Josetxo Goia-Aribe invites us to a much less common experience: the joining together of the sounds and harmonies of jazz with those of the Northern mountains of Spain, the traditional airs of the Basque country and especially of the Navarra region. A challenge which Josetxo meets and resolves with magnificent results in the company of three Parisian musicians (more paths which come together) with whom he has now been working for several years and with whom he has defined and consolidated a sound. They are Marc Buronfosse at double bass, Jerome Rateau at the piano and François Verly at drums and percussion.

In HERRIMIÑA there is also the participation of a young voice; that of Arantxa Diez. Arantxa is one of the most promising voices (and already a reality) of the popular music from the Ribera lowlands of Navarra. She sings the "Jota" with strength and emotion, responding to the bold sounds created by the saxophonist, Josetxo Goia-Aribe. Together, Josetxo and Arantxa give a new meaning to the letter "J" in Jazz and in "Jota" with their unique blend of the two sounds.



1. el pais del bidasoa
4:41  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)   (323 KB.)
2. copla "fuerte de san cristobal"
4:44  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)
3. pasodoble \'tendido de sol\'
7:58  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (604 KB.)
4. lamento
3:49  (J. Goia-Aribe)
5. herrimiña
7:20  ( P. Donostia / J. Goia-Aribe)
6. erase una vez...
1:22  (P. Donostia / J. Goia-Aribe)   (665 KB.)
7. zortziko blues
4:33  (J. Goia-Aribe)
8. nostalgia
5:25  (J. Guridi / J. Goia-Aribe / Intro piano Jérôme Rateau)   (246 KB.)
9. oñate
6:19  (trad. / J. Goia-Aribe)   (569 KB.)
10. jota al aire
6:04  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (539 KB.)
11. jota baluarte
3:19  (J. Goia-Aribe)
12. anaitasuna
3:43  (M. Turrillas / J. Goia-Aribe)   (733 KB.)

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Record company: KARONTE