Hispania Fantastic

"Hispania Fantastic" is a live recording in CD/DVD format, in which Josetxo Goia-Aribe takes and develops Spanish traditional melodies and tunes where atonality, free improvisation and spontaneous dialogue with his colleagues will preside and be the primary language of his work. His colleagues are Baldo Martinez (double bass), Antonio Bravo (guitar) and Lucia Martinez (drums).

We will find allusions to Agapito Marazuela, Sabicas, Antonio Tárrega, processional marches, pasodobles, paloteaos, etc. on a path already initiated by the great ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax in the 1950s on his journey through the testimonies of the traditional music of Spain; however, this time with a contemporary twist, giving free rein to improvisation, jazz-style and, like in all the compositions of this Navarre musician, reflecting his great personality as an author.


1. La patatera Fantastic
7:12  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (4080 KB.)
2. Riau Riau Fantastic
5:49  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (3290 KB.)
3. Hispania Fantastic
4:41  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (2660 KB.)
4. Paloteao Fantastic
8:56  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (5090 KB.)
5. Entradilla de Agapito
7:22  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (4200 KB.)
6. Jito-Alai
7:27  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (4240 KB.)
7. La Dolorosa
5:55  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (3360 KB.)
8. Pasodoble Fantastic
6:53  (J. Goia-Aribe)   (3910 KB.)

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Record company: Karonte Distribuciones